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What’s up my peeps? Welcome to the official 129 Days Review.

Catch Roger’s WEBINAR REPLAY here…

In case you missed it and if you know anything about selling on eBay you’re were probably bummed to hear that Roger Langille’s 129Days.com training was capped off at 2,000 members.


Not to worry though my friends. If you keep reading I’ll tell ya how you can access the 129 Days To Retirement training even though you missed the first round of membership.

129 Days Review

What is 129 Days? The Backstory

I made you this video below of the 129Days.com back office in case you don’t wanna read a really long blog post.

If you’ve been around online marketing and especially the e-commerce and drop-shipping niche you’ve undoubtedly heard the name Roger Langille right? [click to continue…]


DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Review

Wanna learn how to master the art of CPA swagger by millionaire mentors Peter Parks and Andrew Fox? You’re gonna discover how in this DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Review.

Note: DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 launch date is Thursday May 26, 2016.

Be sure to scroll down for my exclusive DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 + Bonus when you purchase through my partner link at WealthBlueprintHQ.com  <<< Click back there to access the Solar Panel Case Study.

DNA Wealth Blueprint Case Study

Watch the video below to see part of the bonus I’m adding to your DNA 3.0 purchase.

The #1 Reason You Should Bookmark This DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Review

First I gotta say you should actually take most reviews of Peter Parks DNA Wealth Blueprint with a grain of salt.


Well, I think most people are promoting something they aren’t too familiar with.

Especially with a big ticket product like this.

It only makes sense to buy a product from someone that’s actually used it right?

Listen, I was bummed when I missed the first launch date of the original DNA Wealth Blueprint so I had to wait till’ DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0 launched at the beginning of 2015. They opened up a few slots so I slid in a dove into the training.

Here’s a screenshot of the back office so you’ll know that what I’m sharing with you is legit OK?

[click to continue…]


Digital Altitude Review- Michael Force’s New

Top Tier Coaching Program

NOTE: I’m no longer promoting or involved in Digital Altitude. Nothing bad to say either, I just think if you chase too many rabbits you’ll end up not catching any of them.

Click here to see which rabbit I’ve got my the tail :-)

Digital Altitude Review


 The Digital Altitude Aspire Background Story

Who is Michael Force? In short, like me he’s a former Marine, that’s been crushing multiple 6 figure months going on nearly two decades. FYI, I’m starting this Digital Altitude Review after recently joining at the Aspire level and upgradin’ to Rise ASAP.


NOTE: If after reading this you decide you wanna pull the trigger and partner up with me I’ve got some sweet bonuses but you gotta keep readin’ to see em…


This post will answer a most of the questions you prob’ly have about the Digital Altitude Aspire Business System… and if I missed one shoot me an email here OK?

  • What is Digital Altitude Aspire?
  • How do I make money with this?
  • How much does it cost to join Digital Altitude Aspire?
  • Is Digital Altitude a scam?
  • Is Digital Altitude legit?
  • Who it’s for (and who it’s not for)


Don’t wanna read a bunch…  That’s cool. Watch the video below instead.

Michael Force says this big ticket coaching program is backed by the Marine Corps values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. Having spent 4 years in the Marines myself this seems like the legit way to go about building an online business.


Digital Altitude is a process driven, e-learning, big ticket training course focused on facilitating entrepreneurs to start and massively scale their digital business.


The website and members area is a b-eauty too and looks like it’s built to go fast and look sexy. Besides it’s only $1 for a 14 day trial to see if Aspire is a fit for you.

[click to continue…]


Money is everywhere. At least opportunity is everywhere. Here’s our story of starting Katahdin Sheep In VAa flock of Katahdin Sheep in Virginia.

Mowing anything more than an acre of grass sucks, even with a riding mower.


Wasting time and money on fossil fuels is just not in the cards for us especially when animals can do the mowing for us



Mob Grazing Katahdin Sheep In VA


With weed eating and mowing it takes 3+ hours to mow our 2 acres. Ain’t nobody got time for that so I brought in the 4-legged lawnmowers.


Our plan is to sell parasite resistant ewe lambs as well as offering grass fed lamb from the rams. In fact we believe in mob grazing livestock so much in the next few years we’re gonna start selling hair sheep starter packs.


A sheep starter pack will consist of 10 ewes, a ram and a livestock guardian dog for $3,000


Like shepherds of old I don’t have time to guard a flock either. We need to acquire a guard dog for that and found a pretty cool place for buying and selling LGDs at http://livestockguardiandogsforsale.com


More on that later.


We’re chose a breed of hair sheep called Katahdin sheep.  Having the desire to kill two birds with one stone helped us choose a breed of sheep that was extremely low maintenance.  Katahdin sheep are a meat sheep but also a hair sheep. [click to continue…]


Yeah, I’ve been on Hiatus.  I get distracted REALLY easily.  At least I used to.  I call it “Shiny Shit Syndrome”  Shiny Shit Syndrome

Chances are you been there too, am I right?  I’d like to say it’s OK, but I’d be lying to you.

2 years ago I set up this blog not having a clue what to write about.  It really started out with trying to make money with Google Adsense.

I ain’t gonna front.  I never made that work, at least not like the guru selling the hyped up video course I learned it from promised it would.

Don’t despair though… I learned a few tricks I wanna share since then.   Back in the fall of 2015 I launched a web design and SEO agency of my own at JMossMarketing.com.  Keep reading though to see how I kicked the shit outta the Shiny Shit Syndrome.


Avoiding Shiny Shit Syndrome

I’ve made “some” money in the last few years.  Online arbitrage with eBay, Amazon and affiliate offers ran on FB and through my e mail list.  This post ain’t about me though.

I pretty much ran them all into the ground except selling on Amazon and I’m gonna give you skinny on how you can avoid the shiny shit show trap.


[Sound the horns.]


  • For Heaven’s sake, focus on one project at a time at see it to fruition
  • We’re all thankful for Zuckerberg’s amazingly addictive app but impose a time limit on Facebook
  • Tap the unsubscribe button on all the hypey marketing gurus cluttering your inbox
  • Follow one mentor that you respect
  • Freeze your credit card in a block of ice until you get the first 3 on lockdown


Focus On One Thing

Dr. Gary Keller wrote the book on putting down the kai-bosch on the clutter in your life and business that holds you back. That book called The One Thing poses the question you should ask yourself is “What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

[click to continue…]


You landed on this page because you want to learn more about this new binary trading company called Options Domination.  Currently Options Domination is still in it’s Pre-Launch for DS Domination Members only.


For this Options Domination Review, I am going to give you the details I know at this point.


Options Domination Review – The Company




Website: www.optionsdomination.com


Note:  The website isn’t complete as it’s still in the pre-launch phase.  Goes LIVE on Feb 9, 2015


The owners of this company are the creators of a company called DS Domination where they teach people the basics of E-Commerce and how to sell on eBay by drop shipping.


Meaning you don’t need any inventory on hand and once your item SELLS on eBay, you then buy it from the supplier’s site and ship it to directly to your customer.


Options Domination will be a binary trading service supplying you with the proper training and signal services to help you become a successful trader.  The launch date for non DS Domination Members is scheduled for Feb 2, 2015


Currently there are close to 100,000 members in DS Domination.


With that said, the binary options trading industry is ENORMOUS and is trending extremely high on Google…


Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.41.44 PM


Options Domination – The Product

The Company will provide you with the proper training, the signal services and approved brokers to help you become successful at trading.  Qualifying members will receive RISK FREE trading setting a precedence as the first in this industry.


I have limited experience in trading binary options but managed to make $315 in a 4 hour period recently (Your Results May Vary)


Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.45.11 PM


There will be three options for signal services and training.

  • Inheritance will be $49.95 per month
  • Enterprise will be $149.95 per month
  • Legacy will be $399.95per month

Compared to other binary signal providers, Options Domination is very competitive.There are $1000+ per month signal services out there!


What separates Options Domination from all the other binary trading training’s/companies, is that Options Domination has an affiliate program which can be used to generate an additional source of income when you refer other people into the platform.


Options Domination Review– Compensation Plan

By referring someone into the company and when they purchases a membership, you will get monthly residual commissions on your members.  Plus, the Binary Options Trading market is so large and there is a tons of interest in this niche.



As you can see with the TRI-MATRIX plan, everyone will earn some income.

Options Domination Reviews – Is it a Scam?

Considering DS Domination is a adding thousands of new members monthly and binary trading is quite common… you can’t even come close to calling it a SCAM.




Options Domination will be importing all the DS Domination members into their new Tri-Matrix Compensation plan so everyone will make money starting from day 1 of the launch.


Here’s another reason you should join me in Options Domination.  In addition to the company training I will be doing LIVE trading with my team further increasing your experience and developing your skills to become a successful trader.


You can’t join Options Domination just yet but you can get on my DS Domination Team here  and you can get on my


Pre-Launch Options Domination List here.


Remember, ALL DSD members are going to be imported in the Tri-matrix as well so the sooner  you join, the more people will be under you.


Click Here To read my 129 Days Review and partner with me.


I look forward to working with you and hope you enjoyed this review


~To Your Success

Jon Moss





Here’s my favorite method for newbies to FINALLY start making money online.

In this video I use the training in DS Domination to find items I can double my money on and sell them on Amazon and eBay.  Click HERE to get started!



Dubli Drop Cards

Dubli Drop Cards

Dubli Drop Cards UPDATE: May 6, 2016 Dubli’s dead huh?

That’s ok peep this ;-)

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting out in internet marketing is sending traffic straight to an offer rather than collecting their e-mail first. You should have them opt in to your list then send them the offer in a follow up e-mail.


I made this mistake myself when I started out and lost $100’s of $$$’s by not following this simple strategy.


Most leaders in your Biz Op won’t tell you this stuff but you can bet that’s how they’re building their lists to grow their business.


I love Biz Ops and


I’m in one myself. However Biz Ops come and go, but your e-mail list is eternal.


I shot this video this morning to show you how some people that are promoting the Dubli Network with drop cards are making this mistake and how YOU can avoid this trap.



Not only do you not get to follow up with the lead, you’re building the buyers list of the company you’re promoting.  The company you’re promoting loves this as they can follow up with YOUR leads and sell to them over and over as long as they remain a subscriber.


Your list is simply your only real asset.


A few weeks ago I signed up for a drop shipping course called DS Domination.  Once I understood the concept of how this works I kicked myself for not thinking of this system on my own.

DS Domination Pro Introduction

In less than 5 days after going through the training I made my first sale and profited $3.37  On top of that in less than 12 days I made 8 more sales and a profit of $43.90  So I’m $23.90 to the good.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 8.20.32 PM

That’s almost $500 in sales in less than 2 weeks.

The cool part is there is no store and no inventory.  I spent less than 30 mins finding these items on Amazon and listing them on ebay (while sitting at my computer) That’s over $87.00 PER HOUR for that effort.

I’ve tried a 1000 different ways to earn extra income outside of my day job but this is the fastest and most simple way to start a home based business that lets you work at home and have almost immediate success.  Over 80% of the people that try this are making money using DS Domination.  That’s just awesome!

Click to register for the next DS Domination Webinar live on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

The above link will also let you sign up for future live webinars as well.



I am opening up the Power Investor service today to new members. For more info This summer membership opening will come to an end on Thursday.

As I show in this video I am convinced that the best way to make money in the financial markets is to buy at the start of a new bull market. Such a buy point is now happening in gold and mining stocks.



These type of buy points only happen in a financial market every few years and usually there is a new bull market starting somewhere in a market every single year. This is that time and why I think July will become one of the most important months of the year.

Now is the time to take advantage of the emerging new bull market in commodities, metals, and mining stocks. I made an article talking about investment strategies and gold for you too. If you read it you’ll also see a stock pick that I own right now in it.

This opening ends tonight July 10

Click Here to sign up now!


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